LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical — Variable Stride Technology:

The Most Advanced Elliptical Trainer on the Market Today!

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Trainer

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Trainer

Commercial Quality
The LCVST-V8 is constructed with a solid frame and heavy duty components featuring sealed bearings for smooth operation.

Space Saving Design
The LCVST-V8 sports a compact 55-inch frame so its footprint is smaller than most ellipticals in its class and saves approximately 3 feet of valuable floor space. Moving the elliptical is a snap when using the Safety Locking Mechanism and the oversize transport wheels.

18″-26″ Variable Stride Adjustment
Change is good! The LCVST-V8 adjusts your stride length from 18 inches up to 26 inches by using “Quick Key” technology. Adjusting the stride on this elliptical creates a custom fit for you by varying the height and fitness level all at the touch of a button. This allows you to step, walk, jog and run in comfort while enhancing your workout routine. You will use your LCVST-V8 for longer durations and achieve better muscle definition, therefore your results will be hard to ignore!

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Trainer Rear View

LST-V8: Narrow Profile, Ergonomic Foot Pedal Spacing

Ergonomic Foot Positioning
Oversized foot pedals are positioned closer together to provide a comfortable and more natural stride. They also allow for greater stability in a variety of foot positions. The LCVST-V8 closely simulates real-world walking, jogging and running.

Full Length Hand Rails
The full length hand rails support your mounting and dismounting of the machine. Additionally, the hand rails offer a stable platform to grip to extra security. The LCVST-V8 works your arms for upper body stretching and strenghtening benefits while burning more calories!

Motivating Programs
The LCVST-V8 delivers 12 pre-set programs to personalize your workout. The Heart Rate Control Programs (H.R.C.) come in three levels of 55%, 75% and 90% with Target Heart Rate and Watt Specific Programs. These programs will push and motivate you for many years to come without personal training fees!

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical
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Hand Grip Pulse Monitoring
Monitor your heart rate throughout your workout routine by just gripping the handlebars. You will enjoy the convenience of adjusting your routine to maximize your cardiovascular benefits.

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Hand Rails, Grips and Monitor

LifeCORE LST-V8: Hand Rails, Grips and Monitor

Built-in Heart Monitoring
The LCVST-V8 is equipped with a wireless, built-in heart rate monitor. This is the hands-free way to get current feedback while you workout.

Brilliant LCD Display
The programmable console display comes ready with four user profiles so everyone in the family can track their own progress! The brilliant LCD display is large enough to be easily read and keeps you abreast of your stats.

Heavy Duty Drive System
The drive system on the LCVST-V8 provides smooth and seamless performance with its 18 pound flywheel assembly.

Silent Magnetic Resistance
Since there are no wearable parts to breakdown, the silent magentic resistance allows for whisper operation and longevity. This type of resistance has a proven track record of reliability.

16 Levels of Resistance Control
The LCVST-V8 provides you with sixteen levels of resistance to challenge the athlete within. Change up your workout routine with a twist of a knob to keep you motivated!

Other Features
A water bottle holder comes standard.
The LCVST-V8 is constructed with an extra durable frame design.
The Safety Locking Mechanism locks the elliptical from use for peace of mind for parents with young children and for safety when moving the machine.
Large built-in trasportation wheels offer added mobility to easily move locations.
The user weight capacity for the LCVST-V8 is 300 to 325 pounds.
LifeCORE offers a five year parts warranty for its home use ellipticals.

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical
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LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical
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