SOLE Ellipticals

SOLE Ellipticals: Helping You Get Fit and Feel Great … For Life!

All of SOLE’s Ellipticals boast features that enhance your fitness routine, and they are engineered and designed to provide a lifetime of rigorous use.

Whisper-quiet drive systems power these units for a fluid, natural motion.  A unique 2-degree foot pedal slope protects your knees and ankles from being over-strained.

Their long 20″ stride lends to the natural elliptical motion that simulates walking or running ‘normally.’  And the large, heavy flywheels on SOLE Ellipticals make them as smooth and stable as commercial gym machines costing many hundreds of dollars more.

It’s little wonder that SOLE Ellipticals are fast becoming a favorite among consumers and pros alike. Two of their four machines have captured “Best Buy” Awards for quality and value for the price.

SOLE Fitness does not skimp on quality, fit or finish in any of their machines: from the entry-level E25 through their high-end E98, each machine offers features and durability that far exceed their competition within any of their price points.

Omni and Hilton Hotels have chosen Sole to supply their in-room fitness equipment.  Why not consider them for your in-home fitness equipment?

If you’re in the market for a great quality, well engineered exercise bike that is very reasonably priced, take a serious look at Sole’s lineup.

SOLE Ellipticals — Designed to Endure, Priced to Fit Your Lifestyle!

Sole E25 Elliptical

Sole E25 Elliptical — The Best Elliptical Under $1000.

SOLE E-25 Elliptical

SOLE E-25 Elliptical

Sole is well known for manufacturing quality, durable exercise equipment, and their entry-level E25 Elliptical is no exception.

A full 20-inch stride assures that even taller users will enjoy a comfortable workout. Dual-wheel rollers and Sole’s innovative 2-degree inward pedal angle provide a smooth, stress-free motion that rivals that of competitor’s more expensive models.

Molded handgrips, with pulse rate monitors, add to the comfort and convenience of working out on your E25. An optional heart-rate chest strap is available for convenient accurate heart rate monitoring.

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Sole E35 Elliptical

Sole E35 Elliptical — Another “Best Buy” Rating from Sole Fitness

Sole E35 Elliptical

SOLE E35 Elliptical

Sole Fitness once again receives “Best Buy” Ratings. The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer boasts impressive features, yet still carries an affordable price tag.

You get an upper body workout, sixteen resistance levels, eight pre-set programs, a full 20″ stride length, a choice of wireless or hand grip pulse monitor, and of course Sole’s impressive warranty.  All packed into an elliptical that stays in the sub-$1300 price range.

SOLE E35: 20-22" Adjustable Stride, Adjustable Foot Beds & 2° Inward Slope of Foot Pedals Add Up to Maximized Comfort

SOLE E35: 20-22″ Adjustable Stride, Adjustable Foot Beds & 2° Inward Slope of Foot Pedals Add Up to Maximized Comfort

The heavy 29 lb. flywheel provides a smooth feel and lots of resistance at the top end for a challenging workout.  The power incline offers even more resistance, and variable positions allow lots of diversity at the touch of a button.

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Sole E95 Elliptical

Sole E95 Elliptical Wins “Best Buy” Award, in a $300 Higher Price Class!

SOLE E95 Elliptical

SOLE E95 Elliptical

This feature laden Elliptical Trainer wins yet another “Best Buy” Award.  What’s unusual though, is the Sole E95 won “Best Elliptical” in the over $2000 category … yet it’s price is under $1700!  “… The E95 Is A Tremendous Value.”

A heavy 34-lb. flywheel (upgraded for the 2013 Model) and high gear ratio lend a smooth feel to the fluid natural motion.  The E95’s power incline feature adjusts from 0 to 40 degrees, adding diversity and a range of challenges to your workout, all at the touch of a button.  And the 20-inch stride length will fit even the taller folks among us.

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Sole E98 Elliptical

Sole E98 Elliptical — Gym Quality Elliptical, Priced for In-Home Use!

Sole E98 Treadmill

Built for the commercial environment, the Sole E98 Elliptical combines solid construction and engineering with enhanced features to provide an elliptical trainer that is increasingly popular among users, both at home and in the gym.

The precision balanced 30-lb. flywheel, 20-inch stride length, and ergonomically positioned articulating pedals combine to make the E98 extra smooth, stable and sturdy.  Four rear wheels, which glide on heavy-duty rails, add to the stability of the machine, and eliminate side-to-side pedal movement.

The console display is a wide 9-inch commercial grade screen.  Ten different programs will keep you challenged, and two heart-rate programs are included. Use the included wireless chest strap, which boasts a 99.9% accuracy, to monitor your heart rate.  Cooling fans and integrated speakers for use with any MP3 player are included as well.

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