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LifeCORE Elliptical Trainers combine technological innovations and practical features to provide some of the best home fitness equipment available on the market today.  No matter which of LifeCORE’s fine machines you choose, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of healthy, worry-free workouts with your new LifeCORE Elliptical.

LifeCORE LC985VG Elliptical

LifeCORE LC985VG Elliptical — Award Winning Elliptical from LifeCORE!

Recently Rated “Best Buy” and “Best Overall”

High End Features at a Mid-Range Price!

LifeCore LC985VG Elliptical

LC985VG Elliptical — Another “Best Buy” from LifeCORE

Quality Construction
Durability is the key to buying and owning your own LC985VG elliptcal. With that in mind, LifeCORE equipped this elliptical with a Poly-V Flexonic drive belt which is guaranteed to never stretch. The moving parts consist of bearings for smoother operation and not bushings which can cause stride noise.

Space Saving Design
The LC985VG is has a compact footprint of only 52-inches in length — so that it will easily fit into the space of your choice. The oversize transport wheels allow for convenient moving of this elliptical to any room of your house. Now you never need to be far away from your next workout!

Ergonomic Foot Positioning
Adjustable slip-resistant foot pedals make the LC985VG fit effortlessly to you instead of you fitting the elliptical! The foot pedals adjust from shorter to longer strides by simply moving them up or down the pedal track. Finding your proper stride eases the muscles in the lower back and promotes a longer workout.
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LifeCORE VST-V4 Elliptical

LifeCORE VST-V4 Elliptical — Great Features … Yet Compact and Affordable!

LifeCore VST-V4

Club-Style Design
The LCVST-V4 tracks your workout progress, and provides a wide variety of workouts and four user profiles. Stay motivated — it’s like having a personal trainer by your side.

Space Saving Design
The compact 54-inch frame fits where others may not!

Solid Frame Construction
You’ll enjoy a lifetime of worry-free workouts with LifeCORE’s solid frame heavy duty construction. User weight capacity is 325 pounds!

Heavy Duty Drive System
Designed to last a lifetime, sealed bearings in all moving parts are long lasting and virtually maintenance free.
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LifeCORE VST-V6 Elliptical

LifeCORE VST-V6 Elliptical — Get the Most Advanced Workout Ever!

LifeCORE’s Variable Stride VST V6 offers Club-Style Design, Adjustable Stride Length and an Upper Body Workout to make your fitness training more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more effective than ever before!

Its compact, 54-Inch Frame Design fits in just about any room in your home.

Its adjustable stride length — from 18 to 26 inches — and ergonomically correct foot positioning means the V6 will fit you to a tee!

The V6 offers 16 levels of magnetic resistance to provide a variety of workout options. It tracks your workout progress, so you can see how you’re improving! Stay motivated by varying your routines and keep on top of your progress.

The Brilliant LCD Display is easy to read and simple to navigate. Four user profiles and on-board heart rate monitoring are also included in this diverse elliptical.

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LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical — Variable Stride Technology:

The Most Advanced Elliptical Trainer on the Market Today!

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Trainer

LifeCore LST-V8 Elliptical Trainer

Commercial Quality
The LCVST-V8 is constructed with a solid frame and heavy duty components featuring sealed bearings for smooth operation.

Space Saving Design
The LCVST-V8 sports a compact 55-inch frame so its footprint is smaller than most ellipticals in its class and saves approximately 3 feet of valuable floor space. Moving the elliptical is a snap when using the Safety Locking Mechanism and the oversize transport wheels.

18″-26″ Variable Stride Adjustment
Change is good! The LCVST-V8 adjusts your stride length from 18 inches up to 26 inches by using “Quick Key” technology. Adjusting the stride on this elliptical creates a custom fit for you by varying the height and fitness level all at the touch of a button. This allows you to step, walk, jog and run in comfort while enhancing your workout routine. You will use your LCVST-V8 for longer durations and achieve better muscle definition, therefore your results will be hard to ignore!
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