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LifeCORE Fitness:
Excellence and Innovation in Home Fitness Equipment

Based in Vista, California, LifeCORE Fitness manufactures high quality home fitness equipment tailored to meet the needs of the everyday exerciser, the competitive athlete, and everyone in between.

LifeCORE began their legacy in the early 1990s as fitness equipment retailers, owning and operating their own stores and dealing directly with the public. Those fifteen years of customer interaction have given them invaluable insight into the needs of consumers; and that experience is reflected in every product that they develop and manufacture.

LifeCORE Fitness builds durable equipment designed to last a lifetime. Their products are backed by the best warranty on the market, and their customer service is second to none. When you choose to buy from LifeCORE, you’re making a solid investment in a lifetime of healthy living and well-being.

Ellipticals, Bikes & Rowing Machines Designed to Fit Your Life!

LifeCORE Fitness provides club quality performance at an affordable price. Innovative Designs, Quality Craftsmanship, Superior Warranties & Outstanding Customer Service combine to make LifeCORE Fitness a premier player in the home fitness equipment market.

LifeCORE has continually earned “Best Buy” Awards for their equipment. Their innovation in design has earned them a great deal of respect among consumers and professionals alike.

LifeCORE entered the fitness equipment world as a retail store; as such they were able to learn first hand what their customers were looking for in home fitness equipment.

The LifeCORE lineup includes Bikes, Ellipticals and Rowers, all of which have models that have won “Best Buy” Awards.

LifeCORE Ellipticals include front- and rear-drive models. Their Variable Stride Trainers feature an innovative adjustable stride length that accommodates even the tallest folks comfortably.

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical

LifeCORE VST-V8 Elliptical

Like all of their equipment, LifeCORE Ellipticals are solidly built, using heavy duty components to ensure a long lifespan. Their customer reviews and testimonials back this up: their machines are easy to maintain, and service calls are few and far between.

LifeCORE LC1050 RBS Recumbent Bike

LifeCORE LC1050 RBS Recumbent Bike

LifeCORE Exercise Bikes are as solidly manufactured as their Ellipticals, and again their outstanding customer reviews attest to their quality, comfort and longevity. They offer several recumbent exercise bikes, as well as two upright bikes (their LC1050UBs Upright is a “Best Buy” award winner).

For those who love rowing machines, it’s difficult to find a better value than LifeCORE’s award-winning R100 Rower. This is a solid, comfortable, durable machine that will offer years of service and value.

LifeCORE LCR100 Rower

LifeCORE LCR100 Rower

The R100 Rower comes loaded with features normally found only on commercial machines, including a six-hundred pound user capacity. And it folds upright for easy compact storage when not in use.  If you love rowing, check out either of LifeCORE’s suprerior rowers.

Whether you’re looking for an Elliptical Trainer, an Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bike, or the Best Rowing Machines on the market, you can be assured that LifeCORE has the home fitness equipment you need.

LifeCORE Rowing Machines:
Setting a New Standard for Rowing Enthusiasts

LifeCore R100 Rower

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Whether you’re new to rowing or have been a dedicated oarsman for decades, you’ll discover that LifeCore Magnetic Rowing Machines far exceed your expectations.  LifeCore Rowers are renowned for their quality, durability and smooth operation. Magnetic Resistance combined with quality craftsmanship assure a lifetime of rowing pleasure!

LifeCore Rowers have set the standard for rowing machines, bringing club-quality fitness equipment into your home at affordable prices. Quite possibly the ultimate home fitness exercise, rowing machines offer a whole-body workout, with no impact to your hips, knees or ankles.

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LifeCORE Elliptical Trainers:
3 Drive Styles to Fit Your Exercise Needs AND Your Budget!

LifeCore CD550 Elliptical Trainer

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LifeCORE Fitness offers the finest Elliptical Trainers available today. Their integration of practical user-friendly features and cutting-edge technological innovations make their line of elliptical trainers the new standard for home fitness equipment.

Whether you choose from their Rear Drive style ellipticals, their Patented Center Drive ellipticals, or their revolutionary Variable Stride Trainers, you will be assured of durable, long-lasting, care-free use for years to come.

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LifeCORE Exercise Bikes:
Air, Upright or Recumbent, LifeCORE has the bike for you!

LifeCore LC1050RBs Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Choose from air, upright, or recumbent exercise bikes! Whether you prefer a traditional upright exercise bike, or ‘lean’ toward the ever-growing popularity of recumbent exercise bikes, LifeCORE has you covered. All of their exercise bikes have features typically found only in gym-quality machines; and all are value priced for your home fitness needs!

LifeCORE knows that if you’re not comfortable when working out, chances are you won’t work out! All their bikes sport creature-comfort features that will keep you on the bike longer, so your workouts produce results faster, and you actually enjoy getting in shape!

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